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Working at Iceland

Looking for options for working at Iceland?

This guide contains everything you need to know when looking for a job at Iceland.

How do I apply for a job at Iceland?

Step 1: Go to the company’s website

To start applying for a job at Iceland, simply click on the following link:

The image above shows you the interface of their website perfectly. Take the time to browse through it to find out more about what they do. This will give you a lot more insight into the company and therefore empower you to search for the viable and financially rewarding job.

Step 2: Start your job search

At this stage you should come here:

As the image shows, you have to click on «select a role» to choose between two options: work or learning. Here is the image:

And after that, you have to come and select the job you are looking for:

Once you have chosen what you want, simply click on : »Search and Apply».

Step 3: Discover the list of jobs available on the site

Once you have completed the previous step, you can find out what jobs are available in your chosen field:

Just below this image, try to fill in all the information required by the platform. By the way, here is an idea of the positions Iceland offers: