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Working at Harrods

Would you like to work in the UK? If you are looking for a job in London, here is a company that offers jobs for different professionals.

The Harrods Group employs about 5,000 people and sells its products to more than 14 million customers in 178 countries around the world.

Among its items we can find Clothing, Electronics, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Wedding Suits, Pet Supplies, Toys, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Stationery, Household Goods, Appliances, Furniture, among others.

Tips for working at Harrods

To get a job at Harrods you must meet the following requirements:

For any job you must be 18 years old as this is the minimum age to work at Harrods.

Regardless of the position you apply for, a good level of English is required. Harrods is a company that prides itself on customer service, from the moment you enter the Harrods premises until you leave. Therefore, it is important that you have very good English skills.

Another aspect to consider is fluency in other languages. We have already made it clear that English is essential, but if you can also get your bearings in other languages such as Italian, German or French, you will score in this application.

Job experience is another essential point. For restaurant service, you are estimated to have been in luxurious and high-end restaurants.

For jobs in e-commerce, i.e. graduates in the fields of communication, advertising or marketing, it is necessary that participants have experience with office software.

The image above shows the configuration of their site very well.

Step 2: Click on «Careers

Now you need to look for the ‘Careers’ button. It is located at the bottom of the page. More precisely here:

Once you click on this button, you will be redirected to this page Click on «browse jobs» to see all the jobs available in this shop.

Once you click on this button, this is the flyer you will see:

How to send your CV to

If you are convinced and you want to send your
CV to fill one of the vacancies at Harrods, you have to follow these steps to
get a job contract

Plan the vacancies

Before you go crazy and apply for any kind of
job, vacancy, Job at Harrods, think about the requirements and what you can do.
To do this, you should carefully read the description of each job. Once you are
sure that you have the ideal profile for the position, you should apply through
the same offer.


You will then receive an e-mail informing you
that your application has been received. For floor sales vacancies, you will be
asked to complete a form that assesses various skills and aptitudes for the
position. If you do not achieve the required score, your application will be rejected.


 If they
believe you have the skills to work at Harrods, you will be contacted for an
interview. The interview can be conducted by telephone or by video conference.
If you are unable to interview because you do not have sufficient funds, they
will make an arrangement with you to interview.

 Group interview

If you have already passed the previous stages,
you will now have to pass a group interview with a maximum of 15 people, the
duration of which is 60 minutes, although this is an estimated time.

Face-to-face interview

you will also have to pass a 45-minute face-to-face interview with one of the
Harrods recruiters. You can bring your cover letter to this face-to-face

Human Resources

If you passed the previous interviews, you will
have to go through another interview, but this time with one of the human
resources managers. It will also be a personal and one-on-one conversation.

 Placement Test

Finally, if your position requires technical
work, as is the case for Ecomerce communication experts, you may be asked to
take a placement test to validate your office automation skills.


You can use this link to search for vacancies
at Harrods and register for the candidates you are interested in.

Internship at Harrods

 That’s right, one of the biggest companies in London, Harrods, offers you the opportunity to do an internship before starting your career. The London company has a total of four programs for those who have just finished their university studies:


In this program you have a fixed-term contract and your salary is set according to the rates set by the English government. The contract has a duration of three months. You will get all the support and guidance you need from Harrods experts.


They also have a fixed-term contract with this type of program and the salary is governed by UK law. These internships have a minimum duration of three months and can be extended to a full year. These internships at Harrods allow you to further develop your prospecting or advertising skills.

 Graduate Program

Perfect for recent graduates, this program is not only about completing internships, but also about continuing to learn in the retail world. You are given the opportunity to learn all the techniques and formulas that are developed in Retail, you participate in seminars, training courses and workshop. Everything you need to be well prepared to work at Harrods. Successful completion of this program will reward you with a permanent contract.


It is a course that you take at the end of your university studies. The duration of this project is 18 months. At the end of the course you will have all the necessary formulas to perform smoothly in the world of Luxury Retail. If you pass this course with excellent skills, you can obtain a permanent contract.