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Working at Farmfoods

If you live in or around the UK, this opportunity is for you. Farmfoods offers you the opportunity to work full time and part time according to your schedule in its stores.

Indeed, if you want to become a specialist in the sale of food products, you are in the right place. Given the quality of the products that the company offers, there is a growing demand for them on a daily basis.

To cope with this situation and expand its field of work, Farmfoods is constantly recruiting new people. You will have every chance of getting a new job and joining a new international team.


Find out more about the different offers, the benefits and the application procedure in the following article.

What does Farmfoods offer ?

Farmfoods offers a wide range of positions for young people across the country who want to work. There are more than 300 stores with different responsibilities:

1. Retail Sales Assistant

Applying as a retail sales assistant gives you the opportunity to have a place in the company. In all stores, there is never a shortage of work for sales assistants.

In fact, they are responsible for keeping the house clean, keeping the freezers full. They are asked to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Service Manager

Department managers work in collaboration with the department directors. They are responsible for ensuring the efficient management of daily tasks and are accountable to the Directors. This ensures a better customer shopping experience.

3. Store Managers

Also known as store managers, they are trusted individuals capable of making major decisions within the store. They are responsible for the performance of their teams and the store. They are responsible for the evolution of the store.

4. Section Manager

These are the top managers who support the directors in achieving their objectives. These are rare but very strategic positions.

What’s in it for students at Farmfoods?

Pupils or students have the opportunity to work in their free time to make money. There are several tasks for students to help them build up their CVs.

They can work at the cash desk, stock shelves and freezers or perform other roles within the business.

Why should you work at Farmfoods?

Working at Farmfoods is not just about being employed, but rather about being part of a new environment. Here are some of the things you can expect as an employee:

  • Having six weeks off for one year,
  • A competitive salary,
  • 15% discount on a wide range of products,
  • Get free life insurance,
  • Benefit from team performance rewards,
  • Very flexible work and adaptable to your lifestyle,
  • Follow various free training courses,
  • Experience professional advancement.

How do I apply for the various jobs available at Farmfoods?

To access the different offers the company has to offer, click on the link »». The menu on the page looks like the image below.

After accessing the homepage, you can search on the horizontal black band for «Work for us».


After clicking on «WORK FOR US», scroll down to see the different categories of people who can apply.

In fact, there are three different sections for submitting applications:

Part-time opportunities for students

Interested in an apprenticeship?

Are you a working parent?

The application process will depend on the category of person. Let’s take the example of part-time opportunities for students.

Part-time opportunity for students

If you would like to use your free time to work at Farmfoods, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the second box

As you can see from the image below, you have four different options to choose from. However, for your part-time employment goal, select the second box.

After clicking, you will be automatically directed to a new page. On this page, click on the circle with a black background in which it says Search and Apply Now.

This will take you to the page displaying the different job offers available. See image above.

Step 2: Choose the job offer

From the list of job offers displayed, choose the one that interests you the most. To do this, take a look at the different job offers available.

Once you have chosen the offer, click on the Apply button as shown in the picture to continue with your application.

Step 3: Enter your personal data

Now the next step is the most important of all. Here you have to fill in your personal information such as :

  • Last name,
  • First name,
  • Email address,
  • CV and other additional information.

This will give you an idea of your skills and whether you meet the requirements. To do this, take care to fill in all the information. And don’t forget to prepare a CV that is suitable for the position you have selected.

As soon as you have finished with this step, press next and continue with your application. When you have finished filling in the various information, your application will be validated and you will receive an email in the next few days. So stay tuned.