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Working at Butlins

Butlin’s is a chain of large UK seaside resorts. Founded by Billy Butlin to offer affordable vacations to ordinary British families.

 Butlin’s was founded in 1936 as Britain’s first family vacation camps, with ten camps built between 1936 and 1966.

However, the business also operated outside the UK in other countries, such as the Bahamas, Jamaica and Ireland.

You can beat the heat with a combination of hydration and energy. Small, frequent sips of water are the best way to avoid dehydration during long days at the water park.

Fill a water bottle with ice before heading out to work or to, so you can sip cool water as needed throughout the day. It is also important to wear sunscreen or sunglasses, as the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays while working in a bathing suit.

Working in water parks requires knowledge of first aid. You must know how to stop bleeding, treat sprains and strains, and be able to give emergency medical treatment.

In a water park, all 5 senses must be active in case of any accident or failure in any of the facilities. For example, if a worker steps off the trampoline and falls into a puddle and gets a splash of water on his head, but doesn’t realize it’s there, he may become confused and forget where he left off on the water slide.

How do I apply for jobs at Butlins?

There are many platforms on which you can apply for job offers. But, it is always better to consider some details like the application process. You can start by clicking here.

However, here are some steps to finding a job at Butlins:

Step 1: Go to the company’s website

To get started, go to this link :

Try to browse the site to understand all the ideologies of your future employer. This will help you during the interview, why not?

Step 2 : Go to »Careers at Butlin’s

This button is located at the bottom of the page. You will find it like this:

Click this button to continue the process with peace of mind.

Step 3: Discover all the career options at Butlin

This is where you should start your search. But first, here’s what the site looks like:

You can also click on this link : This may redirect you directly to your search object. For people who know the job they are looking for, they can start their search in the search bar. If not, you can do a thorough search for your future job.

Once on this page, you won’t have to do much, just browse until you find all the opportunities:

Just click on «see opportunities» and you will have all the information about the available position and the cities. This will allow you to locate yourself in relation to the city where a job you are looking for is located.

How to send your resume to Butlin’s

The water park is a recreation center built and equipped with water rides and attractions.

Every year, a large number of people are assigned to work to cover all the services they provide. A good option to earn extra money with a temporary job every summer season.

In addition to a variety of pools and water games, you will also find various services such as restaurants, bars, stores and some that offer additional services such as massages, sports activities or photography.

To get started, a classic way is to visit one of their facilities with your resume. Go to the office and ask to speak to the human resources manager and describe your situation. Explain why you are a good candidate, that you really want to work and provide compelling reasons for the job.

In any case, the easiest and most practical thing to do is to use the digital media that the company has provided you with:

  • Use your own website. On Butlin’s official website there is a section for registered candidates.
  • Apply to Infojobs. Several job offers are posted on this job search portal.
  • Take advantage of social networks. Basically you have LinkedIn, the network that specializes in job search. But you can also find valuable and interesting data on Facebook and Instagram profiles.

What vacancies are there at Butlin’s?


The lifeguard at Butlin’s will be the person dedicated to the protection and safety of children and people in the water, who may also act as site patrol. They are highly educated, trained in rescue techniques and capable of saving lives.


Waiters will be in charge of the service area of the restaurant. They will have to prepare the tables to meet the customers’ expectations and serve the food and drinks. They will also clean the tables, collect money for payment and keep track of diners’ preferences.

Massage therapists

Butlin’s masseuses will be expected to allow the client to enjoy their stay and allow themselves to be pampered. The masseuse will also ensure that the client has all their privacy, as they will be responsible for ensuring that clients have their privacy during their visits.

Maintenance Staff

The maintenance staff must be trained to check, adjust and repair the park’s equipment and facilities so that they continue to function optimally. Maintenance personnel will receive tools and supplies from the manufacturers to perform their tasks.


The job of the parking attendant shall be to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the facilities. An important duty of this position is to ensure that all monetary transactions in the parking lots are processed correctly, efficiently and in a timely manner, managing cash receipts and disbursements.