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Working at Burger King

Employment at Burger King is a constant. The chain is always looking for new candidates to join the Burger King team and be part of its growth.


Don’t know how to submit your CV to Burger King? To send your CV to Burger King all you have to do is go to the establishment you are most interested in and give your CV to the person in charge.

To find out which restaurants are near you, go to the Burger King website and check the «Restaurants» tab.

Profile of the ideal candidate to work at Burger King

 To be eligible for one of the jobs at Burger King, you must meet a series of requirements that make up the philosophy of the Burger King chain. Do you want to know what they are?

Place of residence in the federal state of the position to be filled.

Age of majority

Possession of a valid work and residence permit

Ability to work in a team


 Do you meet the requirements and are you interested in one of the vacancies at Burger King? Then do not hesitate to send your CV to Burger King and prepare for the interview if you are shortlisted.

Talking about your skills

When the employer attempts to ask you regarding your ability to do the work, speak about your high qualities as well as imperfections. Yes, it is really crucial to allow them know during the meeting. Do not wait to define your ability to operate in a group.

Insisting your accessibility for work

Individuals who are searching for a task usually have a strategy. That is, they understand their availability quite possibly. So you need to make this clear in the job interview. Nevertheless, you will certainly be shown all the working hrs. It will depend on you to pick the most ideal one.

Throughout this moment, show your motivation as well as personal commitment to the job. This will certainly provide your application a much better possibility of success. In addition, and this is very fascinating at Burger King, you will certainly be given a choice at the end of the meeting.

How do I apply online to work at Burger King?

To apply for a job at Burger King, simply click on this link: This is how the site looks in general terms:

Try browsing the site to find out more about one of the world’s largest restaurant chains. Then, to apply, simply navigate down. Look mainly for these three buttons:

  • Find a crew job,
  • Find a job as a manager,
  • Find a job at head office.

If you click on the first option to find a job, for example, you will be redirected to this page :

Then you could search for the job you are looking for or better still look to receive job alerts. If you click on ‘receive job alerts’, then you need to fill in the following:

Possible Burger King interview questions and possible answers.

 The Burger King job interview is usually not very long and the questions are usually pretty basic. Most of the questions focus on your motivation, past experience and how you would work with the public.

 For these reasons, it is very important that you do not show your nervousness and focus on letting the interviewer know how much you want to work for an international company like Burger King. Remember that the interview is your chance to get that job.

 If you want you can check some of the questions that can be asked in the Burger King interview

  • Why do you want to work at Burger King?
  • Do you enjoy working with the public?
  • What would you do if you had a complaint from a customer?
  • If a co-worker got sick and had to take your place that is not normally yours, what would you think?

Vacancies in demand at Burger King


Would you like to work as a waitress and have an interview? If this is your first interview as a waitress, you may not know what the questions will be or what will be required of you.

Keep in mind that being a waiter requires some skill and physical fitness, as you will be on your feet most of the time and carrying trays for hours at a time during each shift.

 When dressing for a waiter interview, it is important to keep in mind the style of the restaurant or event you will be working for. For example, if you want to work as a waiter in an elegant restaurant, we recommend that you wear formal business attire.

If, on the other hand, things are more casual in the restaurant, you can dress more casual, but always paying attention to bright colors and accessories.

Store Manager

Are you unemployed and looking for a job as a branch manager? One of the phases you have to face is the interview, where the company offering the job tries to get to know you personally and professionally.

They may also try to evaluate you with questions that are a bit more specific to the branch manager during the interview. That is why it is important to prepare thoroughly the possible questions and answers of a job interview for store manager.

Commercial Director

The Commercial Director job interview is well known for its high demand and the importance of this position in all companies. The Commercial Director position requires knowledge in new technologies, broad skills and problem solving capacity, experience and human quality.

 This interview is certainly rigorous since it will find tricky questions to check the professional level of the worker or if he/she is really qualified for a sales position that is sold as the best solution.

 Therefore, to prepare for a commercial manager job interview, it is important to consider the possibility of facing a practical and resolute case, which will allow the employee to demonstrate his ability to successfully relate to customers and those planned to achieve the goals.

In addition, for professional reasons, it is possible that this interview will be conducted via Skype, so the candidate’s attention and level of expressiveness and even body language should be better prepared.