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Working at BP

Re-founded in 1954 as the British Petroleum Company, BP is the name of a multinational company based in the United Kingdom with activities focused on the management of resources such as oil, natural gas and photovoltaic energy.

Over time BP has expanded its domain and today has a presence in more than 100 countries with a workforce of around 96,000 people, to which new members are added annually through the vacancies that the company makes available on its website.

If you are interested in finding out how to apply for a job at BP then keep reading this post.

Salary at BP

At BP the annual salary received by an employee will depend on the position held within the company and the duties performed.

In that sense, the annual salary for someone who is a cashier will be £15,000, while for a director the annual salary is £94,869.

Benefits of working at BP

As a BP employee you will have access to a direct remuneration package which includes basic salary, as well as a bonus and share options.

In addition, you will be part of the BP experience where you will be able to witness the inclusive culture and supportive work environment.

Your base salary is set according to your role and experience within BP and is reviewed over time and benchmarked against the salaries of other colleagues inside and outside the company.

In addition, as a BP employee you will receive an annual bonus based on the company’s success in line with its values and expectations.

Depending on the position you hold at BP, as well as the functions you perform within the company, you will be assigned an additional benefits package including:

  • Stock options in the company.
  • Inclusion in the company’s health care programmes – medical, dental and ophthalmological.
  • Inclusion in life insurance, as well as disability and accident insurance.
  • Opportunity to participate in BP’s long-term savings plans as well as the retirement plan.
  • Paid time off as well as other compensation to help you establish a work-life balance.
  • Special offers
  • Career progression
  • Flexible working

Skills and qualities required to work at BP

When searching for new members to join its team, BP sets out a number of skills and technical qualifications for its selection process.

In this regard, BP recruits people with initiative, as well as strong communication skills and a willingness to work as part of a team and to inspire others.

In the case of leadership and management positions, BP will require people with proven leadership skills.

Given the values of safety, respect and excellence that characterize BP’s activities, it makes sense for the company to set these as criteria when recruiting new staff.

How to apply for a job at BP

The first thing you will do is access the BP website. Once there, you will see a menu with a series of options on the left side. Click on the down arrow symbol to reveal the rest of the options.

Then click on the one that says Careers so that a new menu will appear with options that will allow you to choose the status under which you wish to search for jobs with BP, i.e., as a student or graduate, as a professional or as a contingent worker.

Once you have selected the option, another menu will be displayed with options that allow you to choose how you want to show the job offers on the results page (by area, by location).

There is also a quick way to access all the jobs available on BP by clicking on Careers > Search and apply > Search and apply.

This will bring up a page which will display a search engine where you can choose the location for which you want to display all available jobs, in this case United Kingdom, and then click on the magnifying glass icon button.

This will load all available jobs for that specific country. When you have found a job offer that is of interest to you, click on it and you will be taken to another page with information about the position.

This way you will be able to know the tasks to be performed within the position, as well as the skills and qualities required by the company to get the job.

If after reading all the information you feel interested in applying for the job, click on the Apply button at the top or bottom of the page.

This will take you to a new page where you will be asked to log in as a registered BP user and continue with the application process.

If you are not a registered user, you will have the opportunity to do so by clicking on the Don’t have an account yet? link at the bottom of the page.