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Working at Aldi

There are several strategies you can use to find a job at Aldi. The most common is to go to the office with your CV and submit your application.

First, find out if there are any vacancies at any of the supermarkets nearest to you.


However, thanks to technicalmeans, youhavemuch more practicaltools at yourdisposal: 

But before going into more details, we’ll go a little on the discovery of this wonderful chain of supermarket Aldi.

Why apply for a new job at Aldi?

The Aldi supermarket chain has been the perfect foundation and origin of the discount for over a 100 years.

It has locations over 9 countries in Europe, with the sole objective «to offer the best quality at the best price». For this purpose, it hires employees from all over the world, regardless of their specific profile.

Indeed, Aldi offers a multitude of job offers taking into account various positions to which each person will have the opportunity to apply.

In addition to that, the working environment is very pleasant and it offers to its employees bonuses, discounts and other benefits such as express vacations.

So, if you are interested in sales, administrative management or organization, Aldi is the perfect place to work in your preferred field, and will also allow you to acquire a wide range of experience.

To take advantage of this, go to their recruitment site and consult the list of available job offers.

In addition, the Aldi chain offers several advantages to its employees, such as free luncheon vouchers, parking vouchers, sports facilities, gift vouchers and vacations.

How do I apply for a new job at Aldi?

Some people think that successfully applying for a new job at Aldi is impossible. Though, it is not the case if you know the right approach or methodology to apply. The following steps will help you to do so

Step 1: Login to the recruitment site

Fist of all, to get into the process of applying for a job advertised by Aldi, you need to log onto their official recruitment website, which s is available at Once this is done,  click on the «Search offers» option, located at the top left of your screen as shown below to apply for a job.

Once you have selected this option, a new window will appear in which you will be asked to enter a specific search keyword.

Step 2: Enter a specific search keyword

In this part, you will be asked to enter the job category you are looking for, or the position you are considering. Please fill in the blanks according to your search options. Currently, you can see there are 257 available job offers.

In this case, we will take as an example that you are looking for a «Manager» position. To do this, we’re going to put the keyword in the search bar like this.

As you can see in the image above, once you enter the type of job you are looking for, the site automatically shows you a list of available jobs equivalent to that position. In our case, there are about 20 different offers.

Step 3 : Select an offer that interests you

In the next step, you will be asked to select from the list an offer that sounds the most interesting. Afterwards, choose the one for which you think you have the skills and experience to be successful.

In our case, we will choose the first offer »STORE MANAGER M/F» as shown above.

Etape 4 : Sélectionner le bouton TO APPLY

When you select a job, you are automatically redirected to a new page. On this page, you will find all the relevant information and details about the position.

Take your time to read each part carefully. This will help you decide if the job is right for you. If it is not, just go back to the previous page and select another job.

If after reading the details you want to proceed with your submission, click on the «TO APPLY» button in the top right hand corner of your screen. Take as an example the image above.

Step 5: Register

The next step in this process will be to complete your registration on the site. To do so, please fill in and tick all the boxes below.

After that, upload your CV in the «Resume» section, together with your cover letter. This will allow employers to have an overview of your different skills and experience.

Once you have completed the various fields, click on the SEND button to validate and send your application. You’re done, great job!

An Advanced look at Aldi

Aldi is the abbreviation for Albrecht-DIskont, a family-owned company founded in 1913 by Anna Albrecht in Essen. A few years later, it became an international retail chain with more than 8,000 stores in at least 15 countries today.

The focus is on providing high quality services at an affordable price, giving it the opportunity to achieve total sales of € 29.3 billion. The company is divided into two parts (Aldi-North and Aldi-South) and wants to establish its position throughout Germany. For this reason, it is not afraid to hire active staff on a regular basis each year.

How to sendyour CV to Aldi?

Youmeettherequirements, youhave a goodprofile and youlikethesalary, so let’sgetdown to themostimportantthing: sendyour CV to Aldi. Theapplicationismadedirectlythroughthewebsite in a few minutes, as the portal isinteractive, simple and intuitive.

Thebenefit of applying online ratherthan in personisthatyou can viewmany more vacancieswithoutbeinglimited to a single facility. Plus, youdon’tevenhave to leaveyour home, just use yourcomputer.

Whenyou’reready, followtheseinstructions:

 Log in to thewebsite

Thefirststepis to accesstheofficialAldiwebsite. Browsethe portal for a bit to familiarizeyourselfwiththecompany and seehowitworks. Studyingthecompanyis a pointthatwill come in handywhen HR invites youforan interview.

Afterthat, go to thebottom of the page and look fortheEmploymentsection, whereyoushouldclickonConsult.

Working at Aldi

 In this new sectionyouwilllearn more aboutthecompany’sway of working and itsphilosophy. Whileitisnotmandatory, itisappropriatethatyoureadallthesectionsthathavebeencompiledforyou. Thereyouwillfindalltheinformationyouneed to work at thecompany.

Whenyou are finished, clickontheYourcareer at Aldisection.


Nowyouneed to decide betweenbranchclerk, branch manager orarea manager. There are also positions to fillforlogistics staff as well as central services, e.g. in purchasing, marketing, human resources, administration.

Youevenhavetheopportunity to taketheinternationalleap and work in Germany, theNetherlands, France, Portugal, Poland, Denmark and Luxembourg. In any case, simplyclickonthe position youwish to fill.


 In thefollowingsectionyouwillgetbasicinformationabouttheresponsibilities and tasks to be fulfilled. Youwillalsosee a list of thespecificrequirements and successprofile. In addition, youwillfindoutwhatadvantagesthesupermarketoffers.

 Log in

Enteryour email and a password, orprefer to log in viaInfojobs. Ifyouhaveneverregisteredbefore, clickontheCreateAccountbutton and complete therelevantforms.

Attachyour resume to the portal

The final stepis to includeyour personal contactinformation, education and experience in theappropriateforms. Youalsohave a field to attachyour resume. And ifyouwant to save time, downloadyour CV fromInfojobs and submityourapplication.

Finally, justwaitfor a callfromrecruiters.

 Job Vacancies

Store Associate

We are lookingforprofessionalslikeyouwhowant to be part of a powerfulteam. Ifyou are persistent, determined to move forward and havethequalities to create a positive experienceforthepeoplewhovisitourstores, we invite you to be part of thisexcitingjourney.

Whatwillyourday to day be like?

– Ensureproductpresentationontheshelves.

– Customerservice and valuecreation in a sophisticatedenvironment to facilitatethe shopping experience

– Maintain and growourexistingcustomer base

– Ensurethecorrectinvoicing of allitemsthroughcarefulpayment

– Collaboratewithyourcolleagueonvarious store tasks: replenishment, orderpreparation, receivingmerchandise, baking, ordering and cleaning, etc.


– Completedsecondaryschool

– Completed dual vocational training in thecommercialfield

– Previousexperience in the sector is a plus.

– Customerorientation

– High degree of personal responsibility and independence

– Ability to work in a team

– Residence in theareais a plus 

Store Manager

You lead themanagement of a store, motivateyourteam and ensureanexcellent shopping experienceforourcustomers.

We are lookingforprofessionalslikeyouwhowant to build a strongteam. Our store managers are entrepreneurswhoseethe store as theirown, are a role modelfortheirteam, accompany, train, develop and involvethem in theirobjectives.

Do youhavethestrength to acceptthechallenge?

Whatwillyourday-to-daylife be like?

Lead and developyourteam, plan and organizeallthebranch staff withtheoperationalsupport of yoursalesperson.

Participate in suggestions to improvetheassortment in thebranch, place orders

Efficientlydesignprocesses: optimalmerchandiselayout, cash register control, productpreparation, etc.

Workcloselywithyourarea manager whenmakingdecisionsthataffectthe sales of the store and yourteam.

 Be informed, be a role modelforyourteam, educatethem and involvethem in thecompany’sobjectives and collaborate in functionssuch as replenishment, payment, baking, etc.


– Completedvocational training or Matura/Universitydegree.

– Highly positive assessment in commercialmanagement

– experience in managingcommercialteamswevaluepositively

– customer and detailoriented

– leadershipskills

– highdegree of independence and responsibility

What do weofferyou?

– Guaranteedstableemployment

– Integration and training program

– Development and promotionopportunities

– Medical insurance

– Workscheduleplanning

Area Manager

Ifchallengesmotivateyou and youhavethestrength to takecharge of multiplestores and lead theirteams, we invite you to giveyourbest and advanceyourcareer as anarea manager.


Whatwillyourday-to-daywork be like?

– Aligneachstore’soperationswithbusinesspolicies and takeresponsibilityforachievingbusinessobjectives.

– Train and lead the store team to achieveestablishedbusinessobjectives.

– Coordinate a team of up to 80 people and multiplestores.

– Track store sales budgets, identifypotentialdiscrepancies and analyzethereasonswhy

– Communicatecompanyethos, policy and culture to individual store employees

– Distribution of individual branch staff schedules Supervise and coordinatebranch, consultwithbranch manager

– Create sales tracking reports and keybranch figures

– Coordinatecommunicationwith individual outlets


– Bachelor’sdegree, assessment training in businessadministration, marketing orotherbusinessfocus.

– Similar experience of at least 3 years in verydemandingenvironments and leading sales teamsisanasset.

– Geographicalavailability

– Consolidatedexperience in teammanagement and training

– Veryresultsoriented and with a clearcommercialvocation.

– Drivinglicense