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UK encourages those over 50 to consider jobs as delivery drivers

«There are numerous job opportunities that people should look into,» states British minister

The head of the British Ministry of Work and Pensions, Mel Stride, has encouraged citizens over the age of 50 to consider home delivery as a professional alternative to «combat age-related prejudices.» These remarks came during his visit to Deliveroo’s central offices in London. This home delivery company has seen a 62% growth in its delivery drivers over the age of 50 since 2021. Speaking to «The Times» newspaper, Stride advised older individuals to explore new job avenues.

«There are multiple and attractive opportunities in the job market, and it’s positive for people to explore roles they might not have previously considered,» expressed the minister from the conservative party.

Stride emphasizes that platforms like Deliveroo offer the kind of flexibility many desire, allowing them to work without a set schedule and giving them the freedom to connect whenever it’s most suitable for them.

In the minister’s view, it’s the companies’ responsibility to create an environment in which employees over 50 feel integrated and valued, ensuring that the corporate culture or social stances don’t make them feel excluded.

Despite his message, Stride, at 61, has no intentions of leaving politics to become a delivery driver. He plans to continue his role as a Member of Parliament and run again in upcoming elections for the conservative party.

According to the National Statistics Office, approximately 3.4 million citizens over 50, yet not retired, are classified as «economically inactive,» which is a concern for the British government given the challenges many businesses face in hiring staff.