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Price Cap Drop Benefits Households

Energy suppliers are stepping up to offer relief for households during these challenging times. Here’s how you can benefit.

Ofgem’s newest price cap announcement indicates a significant drop in bills for many from October. A decrease by an average of £151 means some financial relief as winter approaches.

However, a comparison with rates 18 months ago reveals that many are still battling with hefty bills.

Energy Suppliers Offering Assistance

1. British Gas:

  • British Gas Energy Trust offers grants up to £1,500, with eligibility depending on various factors like residence, prior grants, and more. Good news? Even non-customers can apply.
  • Reach out to British Gas’ customer service at 0333 202 9804 for personalized advice.

2. Scottish Power:

  • ScottishPower Hardship Fund aids its customers, especially those on benefits or experiencing reduced income.
  • Check out their website or call 0121 285 2595 for details.

3. E.on:

  • E.on Next Energy Fund assists those under financial strain by providing grants for bills or replacing essential household appliances.
  • Application requirements include recent payment records and income proofs.

4. Ovo:

  • Ovo’s £50million customer support package is tailored to help during these challenging times with options ranging from payment holidays to emergency credit boosts.
  • Check eligibility on their website and provide necessary details for assistance.

5. Shell:

  • With a £20m fund, Shell aids customers in numerous ways, including clearing debts or facilitating free boiler repairs.
  • Contact them at 0330 094 5800 or [email protected] for more.

6. Octopus Energy:

  • Their Octopus Energy Assist Fund offers varied support depending on individual needs. Keep an eye out for updates on their current offerings.

Other Financial Reliefs

  • Household Support Fund – Valid until March 31, 2024, allows local councils to provide financial aid either directly or via vouchers. Check with your council for eligibility and offerings.
  • Emergency Credit – Available for those using traditional or smart prepayment meters, with terms varying across providers.
  • Fuel Bank Foundation provides one-time vouchers for energy through local organizations.

In Summary

In these trying times, assistance is just around the corner. First, check with your local council for any immediate reliefs. If that doesn’t pan out, turn to your energy provider who might have tailored solutions for you.

Facing financial issues or have money-related queries? We’re here to help. Reach out at [email protected].