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New social tariff broadband by Vodafone: Save £60 per year!

Revolutionary New Broadband Plan from Vodafone

Vodafone has set the ball rolling with an all-new social tariff broadband scheme targeted at households in receipt of certain benefits. The latest Fibre 2 Essentials package delivers robust speeds of up to 73Mbps for a budget price of £20 per month.

This compares favorably to Vodafone’s usual Fibre 2 package, which is priced at £25 per month, offering an opportunity for eligible households to save £5 every month, totaling a substantial £60 annually.

Expansion of the Existing Social Tariffs

Vodafone has been a pioneer in providing budget-friendly broadband services with its Fibre 1 Essential social tariff that was made available last October. This package offers speeds of up to 38Mbps at a nominal rate of £12 per month.

Both these social tariff packages are open for a year to households receiving any of the following benefits: Universal Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Pension Credit, Employment Support Allowance, Income Support, Reduced Earnings Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, and Disability Allowance.

Industry Voices on Vodafone’s Initiative

Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at, and Ahmed Essam, Vodafone UK’s CEO, have commented positively on the new developments.

They highlighted the company’s commitment to providing budget-friendly, high-speed broadband services and meeting the needs of various households in these financially challenging times.

Exploring the Social Broadband Tariffs Landscape

According to the Government, switching to a social tariff could potentially help households save up to £180 a year. However, the majority of potential beneficiaries are still unaware of these economically viable deals.

Rates for these beneficial tariffs commence at £12 a month with Vodafone, with job seekers having the opportunity to avail six months of free service from TalkTalk.

Comparison of Current Social Broadband Offers

It’s essential to investigate the available options within your region. If you’re considering one of the listed tariffs, please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria by checking on the company’s website.

Here’s a rundown of providers offering social tariffs with prices accurate as of the time of writing:

• BT Home Essentials – £15 (36Mbps)

• BT Home Essentials – £20 (67Mbps)

• Community Fibre – £12.50 (20Mbps)

• Country Connect Social Tariff – £15 (50Mbps)

• G.Network Essential Fibre- £15 (50Mbps)

• Hyperoptic Fair Fibre – £15 (50Mbps)

• Hyperoptic Fair Fibre – £20 (150Mbps)

• KCOM Full Fibre Flex – £14.99 (30Mbps)

• Lightning Fibre – £15 (50Mbps)

• NOW Basics – £20 (36Mbps)

• Sky Basics – £20 (36Mbps)

• TalkTalk – FREE for six months (38Mbps)

• Truespeed – £20 (30Mbps)

• Virgin Media Essential – £12.50 (15Mbps)

• Virgin Media Essential – £20 (54Mbps)

• Vodafone Essentials – £12 (38Mbps)

• Vodafone Essentials – £20 (73Mbps)