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ICEX-Brexit 2023 Program: Subsidies for Companies and Self-Employed Workers

Economic support for companies and self-employed individuals operating in Spain, facing challenges and unexpected expenses as a result of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

Beneficiaries: Companies and Self-Employed Individuals Affected by Brexit

Who is Eligible

  • Legally established companies in Spain and self-employed individuals with exports or investments in the United Kingdom, affected by Brexit. a) Any sector can apply, with possible sectoral priorities. b) Excludes entities benefiting from the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, including the financial sector.

Subsidizable Expenses

  • 75% subsidy on eligible expenses; maximum of 200,000 euros per beneficiary.
  • Expenses must exceed 4,000 euros.

Breakdown of Covered Expenses and Actions

Costs for Exporting to the United Kingdom

a) VAT registration and authorizations. b) Advising on labeling and certification. c) Certifications for the British market. d) Adaptation of labeling and packaging. e) Intellectual property and brand protection. f) Licenses and visas for specialized workers. g) Sample shipping, excluding transport.

Consolidation in the British Market

  • Increased physical and brand presence to mitigate the impact of Brexit.
  • Establishment and first establishment expenses, such as feasibility studies, establishment of subsidiaries, and external consulting.

Promotion Expenses in the British Market

a) Market research.

b) Dissemination and promotion material.

c) Graphic adaptation of the brand.

d) Advertising and purchase of advertising spaces.

e) Social media marketing.

f) Promotional actions and presentations.

g) Commercial sponsorships.

h) Public relations.

i) Participation in both physical and virtual fairs.

j) Hiring professional services.

k) Support to online platforms in the United Kingdom.

l) Attendance at specialized congresses and forums.

m) Consultations and subscriptions regarding tenders.

Legal Defense and Homologation Expenses

a) Registration of patents and trademarks.

b) Defense of the brand in the target market.

c) Certifications and homologations for the destination market.

The ICEX-Brexit 2023 program represents a vital opportunity for companies and self-employed individuals who have been impacted by the changes in the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, providing financial aid to confront the resulting challenges and expenses.