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How to work in a pizzeria?

You have a passion for cooking and you love baking. That’s why you want to work in a pizzeria to live your dream of cooking the tastiest pizzas. So the job of a pizzaiolo is really a profession of love and creativity.

Thus, his responsibility is to prepare the pizza dough and provide the most delicious ingredients. Making the best pizza is not for everyone and therefore you are an indispensable factor in the pizzeria.

Restaurants are looking for dedicated and qualified pizzaiolos to prepare pizzas according to the order of their customers.


In this article you will find all the essential information you need to work in a pizzeria. Read on to learn more about the subject.

Working in a pizzeria: what training and skills do you need?

To start working in a pizzeria, as we mentioned, you need to have certain qualities. This will allow you to grow in this field. So here are the two aspects you need:


The profession of pizza maker does not require a specific study and training. However, an initial training in the restaurant business is highly recommended to work as a pizza maker. It will also make it easier for you to be hired for this position. You can thus opt for :

  • A Certificate of Professional Aptitude in Cuisine,
  • A professional diploma in Kitchen Arts,
  • A professional baccalaureate in Cuisine,
  • A professional qualification certificate (CQP), set up by the profession, the CQP «pizza maker»,

Private schools also offer training in pizza-making techniques.


To perform your job to the best of your ability, you must have the following skills:

  • Correct application of the manufacturing process
  • Master the techniques of reception and sales at the counter
  • Know how to implement ergonomic work rules
  • Optimize the time of least activity
  • Organize your work according to customer movements
  • Production in the strict application of specific standards, legislation on hygiene and food safety
  • Carry out the chain of manufacturing operations from supply to distribution
  • Order yourself to withstand the pressure of the «shots
  • Work independently and self-monitor your work
  • Know how to advise customers
  • Know your business in front of the customer
  • Manage queues
  • Have a team spirit

In this way, with the training and skills acquired, it would be much easier for you to enter the job market. If all this is already done, let’s see in the next section, the unstoppable tips to work in a pizzeria.

The 6 essential steps to working in a pizzeria

Finding a job in a pizzeria or restaurant can be a very rewarding experience. Because it allows you to work face to face with customers. You’ll meet all kinds of people, earn a good salary in a short amount of time, and be on your feet at all times.

To break into the world of pizza or restaurant work, here are some steps to take to increase your chances of finding a job.

Step 1: Decide where to apply

There are many different types of pizzeria or restaurant establishments that are looking for pizzaiolo candidates. Think about your culinary skills before you start your application. Restaurant chains are similar. However, some have very specific mission statements and expectations.

Know which chains use fresh, locally grown food, which are religiously affiliated, which are open 24 hours a day, and which promote indoor. Make sure you feel comfortable working for the company.

By visiting our site, you will discover hundreds of companies and learn the basic requirements. This can help you before you start the application process.

Step 2: Try the mini pizzerias

These are great places to start your career in the pizza business. You’ll be the first face that guests see and you’ll control the seating in the restaurant. You may also have duties such as buying silverware, napkins and buses.

Step 3: Capitalize on the tourist season’s work

When your city has a specific time of year when tourists flock, try applying a few months or weeks before tourist season. This is a good time when managers are scrambling to fill their pizzerias with enough pizzaiolo, servers, hosts and bartenders to handle the rush.

This would be a boon that will give you good experience as you continue to apply for more qualified positions. They will give you a good idea of how the restaurant industry works.

Step 4: Put your work experience

In life, any kind of experience is beneficial as you thought. Just because you’ve never worked in a pizza shop before doesn’t mean you won’t be seriously considered.

Whether you’ve done internships, volunteered, spent time in hospitality or customer service, these are the kinds of experiences that will carry over to your job in the pizzeria.

Step 5: Dress professionally for the interview

Whether you’re interviewing or just asking about available positions, a suit and tie is a good idea. It shows that you take the manager’s time and that you can take your job seriously.

Step 6: Be positive and professional

Restaurant work is customer service focused, so hiring managers are looking for positive people. If you answer the various interview questions, avoid negative responses. Keep a captivating smile and eye contact with the person. Don’t stare around and look bored during your interview.