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How to work at SERCO?

Working at SERCO means being part of a large international company providing public services to the States. As a recognized structure, it offers many opportunities in different fields.

Every year, it recruits many people to provide rewarding and satisfying services to the public.

To be able to join this company, you must adopt a good approach and follow a qualitative procedure. For this purpose, you will understand in this article, its operational environment and the steps that lead to getting the job.

Why should you work for SERCO?

SERCO is the ultimate choice for a bright professional future. It is a company that allows you to develop through experience both professionally and personally. Indeed, there are programs in place to help you acquire excellent skills and solid abilities to excel in your career.

In addition, senior professionals will coach and mentor you with supportive guidance to perform in leadership and business management. What you want from your life will become a reality as you progress in this company.

In addition, your autonomy is paramount and you will effectively take responsibility, contribute and receive support for your success. At SERCO, there is more than just a career, it is life in essence for anyone with a valuable dream to succeed.

The working environment is supportive and comfortable for everyone. Because it is a company with a good ethical basis and welcomes all kinds of people without distinction. Establishing a relationship of brotherhood and friendship between all employees in their respective environments.

There are many reasons why this company deserves your attention, not all of which can be mentioned here.

The most common jobs at SERCO

As mentioned above, the SERCO Group is a multinational company. Being a provider of public services to governments, it has different career fields. Thus, your choice of jobs would be unlimited as long as you do not know how to choose.

You will find jobs in defence, health, immigration, justice and citizen services. In addition, here are the most common jobs at SERCO:

  • Ship handling,
  • Specialised seafarers,
  • Double badge officer,
  • Prison Guard Officer,
  • Support Officer,
  • Security Analyst,
  • Prison Guard Officer…

These jobs and many others on the platform are entry-level positions that allow you to join the company. In the following section, you will discover the different steps to follow in order to apply.

How do I apply for a job at SERCO?

If you want to start working for this company, you will have to follow a rigorous recruitment process aligned in different steps. The application process is done online and starts with the research of job offers until the submission of the application and after that comes the online test and the job interview to make way for the job. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the company’s official website and find open jobs

Note that the job offers are available on the company’s website and to find them, you have to go to the platform. To access, please use this link: . Once you have arrived on the homepage, you can start your application process.

To do so, start by searching for the job offers. You can start by entering the job information in the search bar by filling in the keyword, the sector and your location. Or, you can simply click on «Browse all jobs» at the bottom of the bar as shown in the figure below:

Step 2: Choose a job that interests you perfectly

When the above action is completed, you will be directed to a new page with a list of vacancies available on the site. Scroll through all of them to choose a vacancy that suits you perfectly.

Next, it is necessary to read the job description by clicking on the job. This will allow you to know the responsibilities and requirements for applicants.

Step 3: Submitting the application

After reading, the next step will take you to another page where you will register on the platform.

Register by providing the requested information following the instructions. Then continue with the process by filling in the application form. Then import your CV and cover letter if required to submit the application.

Now, these are the steps listed that will allow you to make your application. However, you still have to go through the other steps of the recruitment process set up by this company.

How does the recruitment process work at SERCO?

After you have completed your application, you will be tested through a series of exercises to which you will provide answers. This will allow them to examine your logic, reasoning and situational judgement.

Once you have passed this stage and if you are successful, they will call you for a video interview and will be recorded automatically. You too can record on your own for future reference. Then you will move on to the physical interview for face-to-face questions and answers.