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How to work at Apple?

Apple welcomes with open arms those professionals who have a free and unlimited mind and are willing to think of the unimaginable.

 If you want to apply for a job, you should train your mindset not to be afraid of unusual ideas.

The company greatly appreciates your creativity and willingness to revolutionize what many believe to be impossible.

 Apple Company continually strives to innovate with every product and experiment it invents. All of its processes, practices and functions are designed to be the most innovative.

Apple breathes innovation and you can find it in every corner of the company, even in their cafeteria, where their chef patented an eco-friendly pizza box.

 It doesn’t matter if you don’t initially consider yourself innovative or unconventional in your thinking, Apple assures you that we are all, or aspire to be, innovative.

 You must ask yourself what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what the impact of your decision will be. Don’t immediately accept the first solution, turn it around and see what other new ways you can use to reach a conclusion.

 Live in possibility, in those «what ifs» that are the prelude to great changes in humanity. Developing the innovation in you will allow you to keep up with Apple and ease the transition once you’ve applied to their job board.

How to apply for a job at Apple?

To apply for a job at Apple, there are steps to follow to ensure that your application is in the right hands. In this section you will find the essential guidelines for applying for a job at Apple. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit Apple’s recruitment site

To apply for a job advertised by Apple, go to It looks like this.

Once the page has opened in your browser, click on Work at Apple at the top of the page on the right hand side. You will be directed to a new page like the one below.

On this page, click on Search in the top right corner to access the list of available jobs. Then you can go to the next step to see the explanations on how to search for a job.

Step 2: Search for a specific keyword

If you land on the new page, you will see a box at the top asking you to enter a keyword related to a job of your choice. See below.

Put in a job title you want to apply for. For example we put: Maintainer, then continue searching. When you do this you will see 5 different job title options for that keyword in the search bar. Choose one.

We keep our search in the case of the above example on Maintainer simply and continue the procedure.

Step 3: Check available jobs

In the case of the previous search, scroll down to see the results of available jobs. Please remember that this result may vary with time.

For this list of job offers, take the time to read each offer and choose the one that interests you and that suits your expectations.

Step 4: Read the job details

When you select an offer that interests you, click on it. You will be automatically redirected to a new page. On this page you will see all the details of the job as well as the conditions and experience required. See below.

Once you have read the details of the vacancy, press ‘Submit Resume’ to submit your CV by uploading it.

Once you have submitted your CV, your application is complete. You have successfully applied for a job at Apple. Congratulations to you.

Requirements to work at Apple

Specific requirements are needed for each one, although we can point out some general ones:

Interpersonal and communication skills.

Ability to remain calm and engaged with the customer, with diplomacy and empathy.

Interest in technology, particularly Apple products, and the ability to quickly learn about new releases and their features. Depending on the position, advanced skills may be required.

Versatility for different tasks.

Brand engagement that you can transfer to customers.

Hourly flexibility to accommodate different shifts within the position. Hours of operation are based on business needs.

Fluent in different languages, especially of the area.

Minimum and maximum age

 There is no age requirement to work in an Apple retail store, other than what is required by law.  It is true that the profile of the employees in their offices is young, enthusiastic about technology, very committed to the brand values and with a good capacity to learn and adapt to new developments.

However, due to the demands placed on them, they are not usually too young, around 25 or 30 years of age.

Minimum education and experience

Apple requires only a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience for the position of Area Manager or Market Leader.

However, the same is true for education as for experience: unlike Google, no number of years is specified, but a number of skills must be demonstrated that can only be acquired through study and work.

Work with Apple

The company has a dedicated area to manage Apple employment in all areas. From the top menu you can go directly to Apple Retail to dive into the concept, or go to Search Jobs and see all available sections. If you want to work at Apple UK, use the filters.

In Apple Retail, you can apply spontaneously by uploading your resume, or apply by team or other filters to find a vacancy and apply.

To log in, you must use your Apple ID, accept the terms and conditions and start the process. If you do not have an Apple ID, you will need to create one.

Other channels to contact Apple

 There are several ways to contact the company that has changed the way we communicate, in addition to the usual ones.

You can do it through [email protected].

You can also call 1-800-MY-APPLE. Access your Apple Store accounts or through the Apple ID identity manager from where you can access all services.

Jobs at Apple

 Find a job at Apple The innovative processes implemented by Apple are evaluated at every stage through comprehensive controls. Among the profiles we are looking for are:

  • store manager
  • operations expert.
  • Business expert.
  • Salesperson
  • IT expert
  • Senior manager.