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How to find cleaning jobs?

Are you looking for cleaning jobs? Whether it’s for businesses, apartments or homes, cleaning is still essential for hygiene and property.

Cleaners in London are in high demand and cleaning jobs in London are a good way to earn a living.

 In this post, you will find a list of some of the best cleaning companies offering good jobs and salaries.

How many people work in cleaning in the UK?

 As you can see, the number of cleaning jobs in London is very large. The cleaning sector is worth £24 billion in the UK and employs over 700,000 people and growing every year.

What do cleaners do in London?

 Cleaning staff are responsible for keeping an area, building or house clean and tidy. For example, many people work cleaning hotel rooms or cleaning schools, hospitals, offices, restaurants or airports.

 Assistant duties include sweeping and mopping floors, dusting, polishing certain surfaces, disinfecting toilets, and emptying trash cans. When you work in a hotel, you also have to make beds, change towels and restock toiletries.

Housekeeping staff are also responsible for ordering cleaning supplies and products before they run out so they can do their daily work without hassle.

 Cleaning staff must also report any accidents that occur during work.

How much does a cleaner in London earn?

 The salary of a cleaner in London depends on the type of job, but according to this official side of the British government, a cleaner deserves between £12,000 and £18,000 full-time work.

 In the cleaning industry, many workers are paid by the hour, as there are many people in London who work part-time as cleaners. The average hourly wage for a cleaner in London is £8.14.

 What are the working hours of a cleaner in London?

 Shift work is common in the cleaning industry in London, so a cleaning job in the UK capital is ideal for people who need flexible working hours or who are unable to work during normal working hours for personal reasons.

It is common for cleaning staff to work in London in the morning or afternoon or to work in shifts, one week in the morning, the next in the afternoon and the third in the evening.

In other words, the cleaning staff work schedule allows you to balance your work life with your private life, especially if you work part-time, which is very common in the cleaning industry. The cleaning job is ideal for a mother or a student who has to work a few hours to earn some money.

What are the requirements to work as a cleaner in London?

 There are no special requirements to work as a cleaner in London. If you are an independent professional who likes to keep it spotless and shiny, then you should be the right person to work as a cleaner in London.


 Working as a cleaner in London requires some knowledge of English, enough to understand the bosses’ instructions or to talk to customers.

The cleaning company you work for will usually provide you with all the training you need to do your job well. One thing that is taken into account a lot for a cleaning job is experience. If you have worked as a cleaner before, it is much easier to be offered a job.

Legal permits

 It is not mandatory, but a certificate in handling hazardous substances (COSHH) would be interesting. Cleaning staff should be aware of the risks and health hazards associated with the chemicals they use and how to use them safely.

 For example, bleach, one of the most commonly used cleaning products, can be harmful to health. For this reason, it is very important that bleach bottles are well marked and labeled so that no one confuses them with another product.

 It is also interesting to have knowledge of first aid in case an accident occurs at work and you need to help a colleague.

 You may be required to have a UK driving license depending on the position. This is essential when you need to drive a company vehicle to various locations where you need to transport all the cleaning supplies.

Physical fitness

Working in cleaning also requires good health as the job sometimes involves lifting boxes, climbing stairs, bending over, squatting, and other movements that require flexibility and some strength.

 You must also be able to stand most of the day. You also need to see well enough to spot blemishes or pay attention to details.

 There is not always someone to check your work, so you must be a responsible person to perform all of your duties without direct supervision from a manager. For example, if you work as a cleaner in a hospital, disinfecting everything is crucial to patient health.