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Act Fast: Slash Your Energy Bills Now!

Time is ticking, households across the nation! Don’t get hit with excessive energy bills. Here’s why you need to act in under two weeks:

Know What You Owe

Give your supplier a recent meter reading. This ensures they bill you based on your actual usage and not a rough guess.

The Big Change

From October 1st, there’s a new price cap in place, capping gas and electricity bills at £1,923 annually. That’s a potential saving of £151 for a typical household!

Smart Meters vs. Traditional

Lucky owners of smart meters can sit back; your readings are automatic. But if you’re on a traditional meter, here’s your game plan:

  1. Reading Electric Meters:
    • Digital? Note the first five black numbers.
    • Economy 7 or 10? Two readings are needed.
    • Dial meters? Note from left to right, ignoring red and follow the steps detailed above.
  2. Reading Gas Meters:
    • Digital metric? First five numbers, please.
    • Digital imperial? Four black numbers are your target.
    • Dial meters? Use the electric dial steps but no need to underline.

Submission Simplified

Once you’ve jotted down the reading, most suppliers let you submit via text, phone, online, or through their app. Snap a pic of your reading, too—it could be invaluable later.

So, take control and stop overpaying. Check your meter and submit today!